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Useful links for the deaf community

BSL Links

Here are some links that can offer you further contacts and/or information regarding BSL.

Signature – offer a range of courses and assessment information, and other resources useful for the learner. Go to BSLhomework for range of offers and subscriptions

Deaf Station, Sign Station Dictionary, Actual Sign BSL Dictionary – list of words with signing clips

Art Signs, Engineering Signs, Science Signs – useful sign dictionaries under various topics

What is the sign for…? – sign language resources shop

Deaf club – assorted deaf news from around the world

Hearing Times – free subscription registration for monthly newspaper format on current deaf news

Video Jug BSL – a range of signing video clip demonstrating topic/vocabulary

Sign Forward – leading sign language provision company – Translation of BSL into English and other services. Wide range of video clips in various sign languages and other useful learning resources at all levels

Sign Video – service and information on these, some short signing clips about interpreting services offered

Signed Stories for children, My BSL Books – some signed stories for receptive development

Deaf Educate – daily news in BSL. Useful for all level to help develop your signing skills

Sign Songs – some signed songs from Fletch

Lee’s BSL songs – signed songs to watch and develop your signing skills

Deafness Research – information about deafness

Definitely Theatre – website information about deaf theatre and performances

Theatre Sign – information on various sign interpreted shows

British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust – sign clips and information

British Sign – some basic sign vocabulary

Deaf Link – a variety of useful information on deafness and deaf culture

Websites to buy a wide range of signing resources from:

Forest Bookshop, Action Deafness Books, Jakbooks, Deaf Books, The Sign Language People, Microbooks

provide a wide range of books/DVDs/CDs/and many other resources on signing and deaf related topics

Deaf Humour – Deaf Humour, John Smith


British Deaf Association

Action on Hearing Loss

Action for Deafness – Sussex based organisation

TV Deaf Programmes



See Hear

Other Deaf Related Links

Hearing Direct – service of interpreter and CSW


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