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Tracy from Burgess Hill

I had already done BSL Level 1 when I met Rebecca and though had thought about doing Level 2, had taken it no further.  I’d been reluctant, as it often takes me a long time to process/retain information (I’m a mature student…my excuse anyway!) and I wasn’t sure if it was something I would be able to do? Rebecca changed all that! We had a chat, exchanged emails and then (with one other student) studied together for 5 months.  I hadn’t really wanted to attend a college class again and knowing that I could do this privately, and with only two of us being taught, was far better for me.  During those months Rebecca was always full of encouragement, patience and understanding.  I would never, ever have been able to achieve this qualification without her faith in my ability.  I’m very pleased and proud of myself for achieving this and owe it all to Rebecca.

Susie from Epsom

Rebecca is extremely professional and a superb teacher. She goes at your pace and is full of encouragement. We really enjoyed our Level 2 and would definitely recommend her! Her teaching style is very conversational and relaxed but she gives great guidance and is very supportive.

Sam from Warnham

I qualified levels 1 & 2 with private tuition from Rebecca.  Her individual tuition, patience and thoroughness completely prepared me for both levels which I passed confidently.  I would not hesitate to recommend her as teacher of British Sign Language.

Rebecca from Henfield

Rebecca helped me to increase my confidence in learning BSL in a way no one else has ever done, she was patient, supportive and seemed to have an endless ability to work with me to gently correct my mistakes but at the same time feel confident rather than stupid. I had given up  being able to pass my qualifications but she got me through and is now helping me to prepare for the next. She is an amazing and sensitive teacher and I would not have got this far if it hadn’t been for her skills.

R from Brighton

I have been having 1-2-1 classes with Rebecca for a number of weeks now, working towards BSL Level 2. Initially I was worried about her availability for lessons as I work full time, but Rebecca was very flexible and accommodating, and easily managed to find a time that was perfect for both of us – very helpful! As a teacher, Rebecca is patient and thorough. She has excellent communication skills and I have made so much progress since she started teaching me. I feel totally comfortable with Rebecca as she gives you confidence and teaches gently, rather than making you feel stupid for the mistakes you make. I would recommend Rebecca’s BSL teaching to anyone.

Miss Kerry Bonham from Cranleigh

I started my BSL journey with Rebecca in September 2008, when I joined my local college to study BSL level 1. During the course, Rebecca was supportive, friendly, and always happy to answer any questions I had.

With Rebecca’s help and support, I successfully passed level 1 with great scores. Her teaching got me hooked on BSL, and when I found out she was going to provide a BSL level 2 course, I accepted immediately.

Rebecca taught BSL level 2 privately from September 2009 to February 2010, with two other students from my BSL level 1 course. Rebecca helped me boost my BSL confidence, and I attended a few deaf clubs as a result of this. I took my BSL level 2 exams in February, and received the results the following month. I was ecstatic when I saw that I got 11/12 in the first exam, and full marks in the second and third exams. I am 100% sure that I couldn’t have achieved such fantastic results without Rebecca’s commitment and continued support of my learning.

Following this, Rebecca introduced me to a friend who provides higher level courses in BSL level 3 and 6. In December 2011 I completed level 3, and I am now progressing well with level 6.

Rebecca started out as my teacher, but I now class her as one of my best friends. Thanks to her, I have gained both skills and confidence to make new deaf friends, attend regular deaf events, and interpret for a number of Christian events, including a week-long festival in August.

I am now very passionate about BSL, and I would highly recommend Rebecca to anybody who wants to get started with this wonderful language. I can assure you that with her support, you too will love every moment, and become hooked!

Miranda from Worthing

After signing up for the level 2 BSL course at my local college, the whole class was really disappointed to find out that we had all failed. One of my colleagues found out about Rebecca, and a few of us decided to go and see her. In the end about 5 of us went to her to re-take our exam, and we all passed after 2/3 sessions. So what can I say about Rebecca …… a great teacher, honest, thoughtful and considerate, and now a good friend.

Kelly from Horsham

I successfully passed both my BSL level 1 and 2 with Rebecca and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I always found Rebecca’s teaching style fun and reassuring. In the beginning I was initially a little hesitant, as I was concerned I might struggle to understand Rebecca having had no prior experience communicating with a deaf person.  However, Rebecca is very patient and adapts her communication style to suit the capabilities of each student. She helped to build my confidence by always being willing to give clear answers to my questions. With Rebecca’s help, I have now got the foundations I need to learn at level 3 and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to start learning BSL.

Karl from Horsham

I was first tutored by Rebecca when I studied British Sign Language Level 1 at College.  For Level 1 we attended classes in groups of about 10 which made it easy to do group work and we practised a lot of conversationalist work. This was great as most of us were beginners and it helped us grow in confidence while we learnt and as our understanding grew.  After completing Level 1, I moved on to Level 2, on which I undertook private tuition with another student.  This suited me better as I work shifts.  Rebecca was always flexible and happy to work around my shift pattern.  Throughout the course Rebecca was always available for help and advice, particularly on the build-up to the exams

Helen from Dorking

A friend of mine recommended Rebecca to me after passing her BSL Level 2 exams with her first time. I had studied BSL Level 2 with a different tutor and passed 2 of the exams but failed the BSL203 exam twice! So after a few months of feeling discouraged I contacted Rebecca and started some one to one refresher sessions with her. Rebecca’s patient, friendly and relaxed manner really helped put me at ease and made it so much more enjoyable to learn BSL. She was also refreshingly honest about what I needed to work on to get through the exam. I’m absolutely thrilled that thanks to Rebecca I have now passed my BSL203 exam! I am also really pleased to be able to continue to learn BSL with Rebecca on her Pre-Level 3 course. I would thoroughly recommend Rebecca to anyone interested in learning BSL.

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