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Hannah from Tadworth

Thanks to Rebecca I am happy to say I hold certificates in both BSL levels 1 and 2 with a first time pass! I am thrilled to have just started classes for Pre-level 3 to find myself fortunate enough to be tutored again by her! Rebecca is a wonderful teacher, very patient and forgiving, and although exams can be daunting (!) the learning is anything but. Fun and interactive are the first two words that come to mind with Rebecca’s tutoring, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to continuing my studies with her. Thank you so much again Rebecca!

Emma from Brighton

Rebecca is a great teacher! I have completed and successfully passed both levels 1 and 2 with Rebecca, and I’m now looking into BSL level 3! She was very supportive and encouraging throughout both levels, and she adapted her teaching style to suit everyone’s needs. My confidence in my signing ability has grown and grown thanks to Rebecca and I’m now looking forward to a career in BSL! Definitely recommend!

Becca from Shoreham

”I feel I learned quicker with Rebecca teaching.  She is always ready to answer any questions and is eager to help in anyway.  Rebecca gave support and encouragement throughout the course.  I recommend signing up with her!”

Alice from Horsham

I first met Rebecca Britton when she taught me level 1 British Sign Language at a local college. At the time I wasn’t sure how far I wanted to progress with sign language, I had just finished university and wanted to continue studying, top of my list was to learn BSL. I really enjoyed the level 1 course and so decided to progress with private lessons for BSL level 2. It was great having the smaller class size as we were able to progress farther and quickly completed this level. I am now studying for my NVQ level 6 in BSL and am aiming to become a qualified interpreter in the not too distant future. Rebecca has also helped me with this by asking me to interpret for her, so being able to gain valuable experience. Rebecca has also encouraged me to go to local deaf clubs; I’ve found this is a great way to meet people whilst also providing a great opportunity to practice.

As a teacher Rebecca was encouraging and supportive, I can’t recommend her enough!

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