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Tracy from Burgess Hill

I had already done BSL Level 1 when I met Rebecca and though had thought about doing Level 2, had taken it no further.  I’d been reluctant, as it often takes me a long time to process/retain information (I’m a mature student…my excuse anyway!) and I wasn’t sure if it was something I would be able […]

Susie from Epsom

Rebecca is extremely professional and a superb teacher. She goes at your pace and is full of encouragement. We really enjoyed our Level 2 and would definitely recommend her! Her teaching style is very conversational and relaxed but she gives great guidance and is very supportive.

Helen from Dorking

A friend of mine recommended Rebecca to me after passing her BSL Level 2 exams with her first time. I had studied BSL Level 2 with a different tutor and passed 2 of the exams but failed the BSL203 exam twice! So after a few months of feeling discouraged I contacted Rebecca and started some […]

Hannah from Tadworth

Thanks to Rebecca I am happy to say I hold certificates in both BSL levels 1 and 2 with a first time pass! I am thrilled to have just started classes for Pre-level 3 to find myself fortunate enough to be tutored again by her! Rebecca is a wonderful teacher, very patient and forgiving, and […]

Emma from Brighton

Rebecca is a great teacher! I have completed and successfully passed both levels 1 and 2 with Rebecca, and I’m now looking into BSL level 3! She was very supportive and encouraging throughout both levels, and she adapted her teaching style to suit everyone’s needs. My confidence in my signing ability has grown and grown thanks to Rebecca and I’m […]

Becca from Shoreham

”I feel I learned quicker with Rebecca teaching.  She is always ready to answer any questions and is eager to help in anyway.  Rebecca gave support and encouragement throughout the course.  I recommend signing up with her!”

R from Brighton

I have been having 1-2-1 classes with Rebecca for a number of weeks now, working towards BSL Level 2. Initially I was worried about her availability for lessons as I work full time, but Rebecca was very flexible and accommodating, and easily managed to find a time that was perfect for both of us – […]

Kelly from Horsham

I successfully passed both my BSL level 1 and 2 with Rebecca and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I always found Rebecca’s teaching style fun and reassuring. In the beginning I was initially a little hesitant, as I was concerned I might struggle to understand Rebecca having had no prior experience communicating with a deaf person.  However, […]

Karl from Horsham

I was first tutored by Rebecca when I studied British Sign Language Level 1 at College.  For Level 1 we attended classes in groups of about 10 which made it easy to do group work and we practised a lot of conversationalist work. This was great as most of us were beginners and it helped […]

Rebecca from Henfield

Rebecca helped me to increase my confidence in learning BSL in a way no one else has ever done, she was patient, supportive and seemed to have an endless ability to work with me to gently correct my mistakes but at the same time feel confident rather than stupid. I had given up  being able […]

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